Free out door movie guide! ▷

This isn’t my usual style here, but this is super relevant to new yorkers and tourists: a guide to free out door movies! Check it out! I suggest always getting there early for a picnic and getting a good spot. 

short review-

I enjoyed a delicious macaroon from the expensive Payard bakery, $2.25 each but extremely good. Everything else there looked great, but being a huge fan of macaroons I had to go for it. 

Excuse my sub par photos- it was night time and I only had my phone. So, let me tell you why Bryant Park is one of the coolest places in NYC. 

First of all, it’s GORGEOUS. The trees are beautiful, and the way the compliment the city’s sky scrapers is nothing short of awe inspiring. As someone who loves the NYC skyline more then any view in nature, this is one of my favorite ways to see it. 

Second of all, it’s CONVENIENTLY located. Unlike my other favorite places that take several subways, it’s a few blocks from the crowded tourist hub of times square- but once you’re relaxing in the park, you’ll forget abou that sweaty mob of tourists and just think to yourself “Wow, New York IS amazing.” (Also, it’s located behind the NY Public Library- which is totally worth checking out.) 

Lastly: The events. Here’s their website, which has a full calendar of events happening at the park year round (though much more in the summer.) There’s yoga, fencing, juggling, movie nights, even broadway muscials a few times in the summer. And it’s ALL FREE! Movies every monday at 7, accordion concerts thursdays this summer at 6. Juggling wednesdays at noon… What more could a park offer?

And did I mention it has a ton of outlets and free wifi? AND Witchcraft sandwiches in the park are superb.  

Waffles & Dinges 

I have a special place in my heart for this particular food truck, as it was my favorite first food truck. It’s been around since before food trucks became a fad. This is possibly my favorite thing to get for desert in NYC- tied perhaps with Big Gay Ice Cream. Delicious waffles, tasting so fresh and warm, topped with sugar or fresh fruit or chocolate. My personal favorite is pictured above, strawberries and chocolate. If you catch it (there’s several trucks around the city though, not to hard to find. Locations are posted daily on the interwebs), don’t miss this chance to try it.

Website | Overall rating: A

*photos from online

Important info/tip: bryant park has many outlets. They are hidden in the trees and all, but they are there, and useful for charging phones etc. Also free wifi.

New posts coming soon! I will be home for the summer in a week and thus new things here! :)

Can new york do fish and chips? yes, yes they can.

A Salt and Battery, 112 Greenwich ave

This shop is run by people from England, and from what I hear, it is the real thing. I haven’t had the real think, so unlike pommes’ I can’t quite judge, but I do my best. 

It’s simple, good fried fish, and good chips. And, if you go around easter time, fried cadburry eggs. Get whichever fish you prefer, I’ve tried almost all of them and they all hold up. My personal favorite is the pollock, and the shrimp is good too, but go with your gut. Well, your stomach. 


Hey there Charlotte; We're new in town: a mobile food truck serving organic and authentic Neapolitan Pizzas. In addition, our truck runs on Natural Gas (CNG) and emits 70% less greenhouses gases than standard trucks. We would love you to come check out our page and watch for us on the road. Keep an eye on our location via Twitter or Facebook! Hope to see you soon!

I will be totally up for checking this out when I’m in NYC in June. It sounds great! 


(No really, that’s the name.) Everyone knows the sign “All pudding available” is always a good sign. And this place is great. I’ve heard from friends who’ve tried all flavors it’s the best of everything. Best pudding I’ve ever had by far, and best marshmallow topping. It’s a tiny place, hard to see, so look carefully. The only downside is it’s overpriced ($4 for a “minni”). But it’s the real thing.

Overall: A

address: 102 st. marks place | website

Pommes Frites

As someone who’s had actual Belgian fries, in Brussels, I can testify: these are just as good. One of my favorite places to take people to when we’re in the area (lower east side), because, who doesn’t like good french fries made on the premises with a wide array of dips (I recommend mayo/ketchup, the belgian way of eating them, as well as the garlic mayo and cheese dip, both so good). It’s a bit pricy, but two people can easily share a medium size and be full, they give you a lot for your buck. I’ve been coming here for four years now, and it’s always as good as I remember

Overall: A

Address: 123 2nd Ave | website